How it all began…

When I was 13 years old, I pitched an idea to the Disney channel ​about a lifestyle series for girls in their early teens​, and that’s really where my story all started. ​I've been very interested in well-being and female advocacy since day 1. I found that there wasn’t much of a support system for young ladies going through life’s ups and downs​ — f​rom knowing how to apply makeup, to battling a healthy self image, to confidently chatting ​up a​ crush​; ​pop culture was, and still is, filled with messages that can make growing up really difficult. Anyway, my idea at the time was a little premature and didn’t make it past the big guys over at Disney, but content creation ​continued to hold a spot in my heart, especially content focused on supporting others​​. In college I studied journalism, and after graduation I worked in fashion PR in New York City and later, advertising in San Francisco; being exposed to all of these experiences lead me to where I am now.


About a year into my career in advertising, I started helping some friends who had recently launched a new company with some product styling, and everything clicked for me! I realized just how much of my every day favorite things were so closely related to content creation and how my passions as a 13 year old still applied to me in my 20s — I was simply just not sharing it out to the world. But once I did, opportunities starting coming in from all directions and I was able to transition ​into​ a career in content creation full-time, which then lead me to creating My Magazine (and make the move back to Los Angeles — my hometown)!

How did the idea of expanding MollyMy.com (a blog at one time) into My Magazine come about?

I’m really big on old concepts, traditions and timeless ideals. ​In​ fashion, you often see trends from different eras make their way back around​, and I believe that’s the same with lifestyle content​ and how people consume it. There’s something so tangible about a magazine, and when I decided to create MollyMy.com (which was once a blog), I realized that while I was offering unique, original content for readers, I was using a format that was at its peak. A lot of really talented, unique people were creating content too and sharing it on a website/blog, so for me, creating My Magazine was taking that modern approach to content and packaging it in something timeless and due for a ​refreshing comeback​ for our demographic — a magazine. Also, with all these incredible sites​ ​and brands out there, having content curated for a consumer inside a publication can be really helpful. My Magazine has allowed me to not only share my passions, but share others’ as well​. When you’re creating content it’s important to remember you don’t have to know it all​. F​rom the photographers, to the contributors that share their expertise, each person brings something special to the table and the true reason I created a magazine was to bring passionate people together and give readers something beautiful, compelling and informative to enjoy.

What does "My" in My Magazine (and Molly My) stand for?

My Magazine is made to be yours. I wanted you, our readers, to flip through knowing each issue was thoughtfully created with you in mind. "My" is also short for a hyphenated last name (the first letter of my dad and step-dad's last name). My mom gave me the nickname "Molly My" and it stuck! Therefore, My Magazine seemed like the perfect fit when naming the publication. 

Does My Magazine distribute printed copies?

Currently, My Magazine is a digital publication. Though, we’ve received many requests about printed copies and will continue to explore these options (starting with our Winter 2017 issue). 

What can you expect to see moving forward?

The journey is never ending! I’ve always worn many hats and that’s exactly how I like it. I am still writing my story and continue to learn and grow daily with my passions. That said, thank you very much for the continued support and following along!

Molly My