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From recipes and entertaining, to style, wellness and more. All you need for an unforgettable year. 


My Magazine is a Los Angeles based, bi-annual publication that encourages readers to create and seek out life's most beautiful things and moments. Through original content and expert advice, My Magazine is as attainable as it is elegant. Most importantly, My Magazine and team want its readers to be fearless in their pursuit of what makes them happiest.


My Magazine is as much a content production company and creative storyteller as it is a lifestyle publication and brand – because the content it creates for others (original images from stylized photoshoots paired with original editorial copy) is woven into the storyline of each individual issue. 

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A note from our Founder/Editor-in-Chief


It is with a warm heart that I welcome you to!


If you're new to the community, thank you for stopping by. To those of you who have been with us for a while now, thank you for your continued support season after season. We have come so far, with such thanks and reliability on our readers being so kind and dedicated. 


My Magazine was created with others in mind — and with a whole lot of passion, and love for lifestyle. I built this platform as a way to support one another and gather together a community of like-minded individuals. My Magazine is a lifestyle that celebrates every day — from gatherings and holidays, to wellness, style, beauty, and so much more. When I started this publication, I wanted to create something unlike anything I had seen before, and I can honestly say I am so proud of the outcome. 

I hope you enjoy My Magazine as much as the team and I enjoy creating it for you. 

Celebrate every day,


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